You’ve issued the 1099-K form to me as an individual, but I have separate LLCs set up for my listings/properties

YapStone may be able to issue you multiple 1099-Ks provided a few requirements are met.

If your properties are operated by different LLCs with separate EIN and the payments are deposited into separate bank accounts in the names of the applicable LLCs, YapStone can issue you separate 1099-Ks. In order to do so, you must submit a W9 form for each of the separate LLCs. Once the W9s are received, YapStone will validate the information and update our records. YapStone will then check to see if any of the LLCs individually have gross payment volume that cross the 1099-K threshold and issue 1099-Ks to any LLC that is eligible to receive a 1099-K. The original 1099-K that was issued to you as an individual will be voided.

If you do not meet the requirements outlined above, please consult with your accountant as you may be able to issue 1099-Ks to your LLCs.


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