You’ve issued my 1099-K to my LLC, but my LLC was not set up until June 30 of last year. I need the volume split between my SSN and my LLC’s EIN

YapStone may be able to issue you multiple 1099-Ks provided a few requirements are met.

If your property changed ownership (even if you ultimately remained the owner of the LLC), YapStone will require proof of the change of ownership and W-9s for both the prior and current owners. If YapStone receives these documents and the payments were deposited into the bank account of the respective owners during the applicable timeframe, YapStone can issue two 1099-Ks that split the payment volume for the calendar year. Such 1099-K will report volume as such:

  • Volume from 1/1 – 6/30: Your SSN
  • Volume from 7/1-12/31: Your LLC’s EIN


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